Why People Are Not Taking Truvada?

There is no cure for HIV, although US scientists believe they could be close, with a strategy called "kick-and-kill". But, as with any life threatening diseases, so prevention is always better than cure.

So one might think that doctors throw on proven pill to reduce the risk of HIV infection in healthy people of over 90%, and widely prescribe to people at risk.

If you are suffering with any problem due to Truvada then you can take the help of Truvada Bone Lawsuit & Lawyers for Truvada Kidney Failure. It is Truvada, a small blue oval pill that made waves on the stage of prevention for over a decade.

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For more than a decade, Truvada has been used alone or in conjunction with other anti-viral medications in the treatment of HIV. But it can also be used as a PrEP treatment or prophylaxis-antiviral that can be administered before exposure to HIV to reduce the risk of infection.

It combines two different drugs – tenofovir and emtricitabine – preventing HIV cells from multiplying.

In South Africa, a country with the highest rate of new HIV infections in the world every year, it is only given to people who are already infected with the virus, and studies show that it does not cure. Truvada is open for high-risk treatment programs in the U.S.

However, its use has been dogged by controversy over membership issues. Cost is another factor. The drug does not come cheap. In the US, it costs up to $ 12,000 for one year.