Why Companies Pay For Belt Press Rentals

Companies have their respective specialty products and services. Some manufacture appliances for the betterment household chores while some do services for hotels and restaurants. Others manufacturer mechanical equipment to help companies dewater solids like soils. Hence, they pay others for their belt press rentals that are critical in dewatering services.

This press is the one they use to remove completely the water residue from waste water. This produces later on what is known as cake which is solids left behind from that process. The cake in each turn varies in consistency it produces. This ranges from a custardy texture in soil to lesser moist ones.

The main reason why companies rent this is because it is an essential part of dewatering. This follows a process wherein wastewater from treated plants generates biosolids. That solid is the aim of this process. Biosolids are the sludges of organic matter commonly found in sewers. This will be treated in order to remove odors and its associated risks of individuals getting exposed from toxicities and pathogens.

Companies select this and other equipment because these meet the conditions of their biosolids management plans. Meaning, these produces results that they expect and want. They also wrote alternative processes and usages they will use in case they cannot rent proper equipment. If that is so, they and smaller facilities are required to use non mechanical ways.

All the steps in its process have one or two techniques applied on them. According to the biosolids technology fact sheet of Environmental Protection Agency, there are six steps involved here. First is to reduce the volume of the solids. By doing this, the costs assigned to storing and transporting this to the landfill will lessen.

Second is to remove the free liquids in sludges. As mentioned, water residue will be removed leaving a solid block of cake behind. Third is to lessen the requirements for fuel if the residues need to be dried or incinerated. They will force it to evaporate quickly through the mechanical equipment. This is somewhat similar to a wooden oven where heat reduces the moisture present in the cakes.

Fourth is producing sufficient materials that have the space to place in volatile sludges. These are also known as volatile suspended solids. This can be reduced through proper digestion wherein microorganisms reproduce by giving them oxygen for survival. The purpose of the space is for composting which is made possible by the bulking agent.

Fifth is preventing the solids from running off into liquid land application. This pertains to its avoidance from contaminating the draghose injections which is its main system. The truck then attaches to the engine pump wherein the injection releases liquids through the hose. The environmental friendly liquids will reduce densification in the field as a result.

Last is optimization of thermal drying technology. This equipment is used in removing the residues left in the municipal wastewater treatment plants produces cake. Due to this, the volume and mass is reduced at a significant level. Here, thermal energy is used to dry out the solids through the use of fuels. They will ensure that they meet the requirements for time and temperature as set by the EPA.