What Sort of Retaining Wall Should You Construct

If you have erosion problems, steep slopes, unstable cliffs, slopes or hillside you will most likely think that you need some sort of retaining wall. There are various types of materials used to build retaining walls – wood, keystone blocks, concrete, and large stones.

You should not immediately take a quick decision about the type of material you need for your wall, and you also should not let a landscape contractor or employee of a home repair shop coax you into material that might not be right for your situation. For getting more information about retaining wall builders in Atlanta you can explore various online sources.

First look at your area and decide how much wall you need. If you need a wall of more than three feet, you may need to get permission from the local planning department. Also, larger walls may require the use of special equipment, especially if you decide you want to use large stones to build your wall.

Look at your home and the surrounding yard. Formal arrangements may be more suitable for keystone block walls. Keystone comes in a variety of colors and patterns and you can even put a formal brick terrace that will fit your keystone wall.

Wooden walls tend to be a bit more informal and are often used when planting beds will be placed on the wall. Concrete retaining walls are rather inflexible and more suitable for commercial arrangements than housing.

If you own a lake house or are in a rural environment, you might want to think about building a retaining wall from large rocks. Large stones give a retaining wall a more natural and easy flow. Large stones make the walls look more professional and generally more stable.