What is house sharing in Switzerland?

Home-sharing in Switzerland is a relatively new term and refers to a situation where people share all or part of their home in exchange for compensation through the use of a home-sharing network. You can also search for the best home sharing management service in Switzerland.

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Do home-sharing services in Switzerland offer protection?

Many people think that by renting out an apartment or room in their house through a reputable legal service in Switzerland, they will be protected from harm. Host protection insurance in Switzerland is included with every booking, offering liability coverage of up to $1 million.

However, this does not change the need to notify the insurance company in Switzerland of your new situation. You need to consult with them directly about what they cover. Talk to the insurance agent for appropriate advice on insuring your home and the type of coverage you will need for new risks.

Why doesn’t home contents insurance cover shared apartments in Switzerland?

Sometimes the insurance company in Switzerland will agree to keep your insurance policy in this form, with the exception of liability or damage resulting from shared apartment activities – provided you receive specific insurance for shared apartment activities through a special program or commercial one Policy.

Only your insurance company can tell you what they are prepared to do, so you will need to contact them to find out your options. Every insurance company is different.