Customer Data Integration (CDI) solutions are software applications that help companies to collect customer data from different areas and thus help in running the business process efficient and successful.

This has become one of the major initiatives by different organizations targeting on acquiring, developing and retaining customers. If you want to know more about customer data integration then you can search various online sources.

The demand for this solution which in turn promotes lean major application vendors to offer this solution. And most vendors anchoring applications as a feature of the CRM application.

To benefit the CDI solutions company needs to develop a comprehensive view of customers from different data sources.

Reputation Managment Services

For this application CDI must be able to support a variety of data structures stored in data sources are different.

Once this data is integrated, CDI allows the entire organization to carry out a variety of business actions in the system.

CDI allows organizations to develop a model of customer data across the organization which will help in maintaining customer master data.

Customer Data Integration (CDI) is a process of consolidation and then properly manage your customer information from all available sources of business, including all known:

  • contact details
  • financial data associated with client
  • Information collected through marketing activities.

Why Customer Data Integration important?

Customer Data Integration is an important part of Customer Relationship Management. If done correctly, CDI ensure that all departments in the company have constant access to the latest and complete view of customer information.