Well Designed Double Glazed Units

Different forms of glass such as frosted glass, fire resistant glass, tempered glass, etc are developed through innovative treatment techniques, production processes and chemical glass compositions.

These find wide application in various industries such as construction, architecture, engineering and automobiles.Developed as per international standards, double glazed glass in Sydney are high on strength and offers optimum safety. Several companies offering these glasses ensure zero defect products. Fire resistant glasses beneficially add to the contemporary architectural design. A specimen of safety and reliability, it efficiently prevents the gush of flame, smoke and heat from fire.

Available in different, sizes, thicknesses and coatings, these are processed in conformity to international standards. Broadly classified into fire insulating glass and heat-transmitting glass, these are highly useful in those areas that remain prone to fire and provide fire resistance of varying degrees. It gets shattered into small fragments when broken, instead of leaving sharp edges.

State-of-the-art manufacturing unit and the team of professionals aid in developing double glazed units or insulated glazing. The wide assortment is developed through a streamlined production process that includes the use of two glass sheets sealed from the periphery with noble gas argon in between.

It reduces heat loss, outside noise, and condensation. Ideal for use in windows and other glass surfaces, these provide higher safety along with acoustic insulation.