Ways To Prevent Calling A Tow Truck Service in Melbourne This Winter

The last thing you want to do is have your car break down and have to call a local tow truck service. To make the situation even worse, having a break down in the middle of winter. Melbourne is the capital city in Victoria, Australia. The weather is known to be three seasons in one day. Wonder is from the 1st of Jun until the 31st of August. The temperature can get to 7 degrees. Calling a tow truck service in these freezing conditions is not going to be a pleasant experience at the best of times.

Melbourne winter

photo by jiulong

Here are some ways that you can prevent your car from having a breakdown or not starting in winter.

Check your Fuel

Make sure you have adequate petrol in your car. Check your fuel gage and be aware. Tow truck experts say that running out of petrol is one of the big problems during winter. People get cold in their cars, so they need to use the heating, defrosting and seat heating to keep warm. Unfortunately, this leads to greater petrol consumption, which mat catch you off guard and lead to calling a tow truck to come and help you. Victoria has some of the best nature, roads and countryside in the world. It is great to go out driving and exploring. But make sure to always have your eye on the petrol gage, this way you may prevent being alone with your car in the middle of nowhere.

Car Brakes

Melbourne roads in winter can get very slippery when wet. All roads can for that matter! Make sure you get your brakes checkout and that they are working. A tow truck service will need to be called if you find yourself in your car and off the side of the road, or worse still, in an accident because your brakes failed. They are the most important part of your car and need to be checked by a car mechanic.

Car Battery

Car batteries can reduce their capacity in extreme temperatures. Tow truck experts say that you should always have your car battery checked for capacity during the winter seasons. Car accessories like headlights and windshield wipers can drain a battery and prevent it from starting your car. This obviously leads to calling your local tow truck expert.

Winter is a time where you need to be very careful on the roads. The above information will help you to keep your car running and prevent you from needing a tow truck. If you do need a tow truck service, whether you are in Mentone, Dandenong or even in the CBD, There will be a tow truck service to be able to help.

photo of a tow truck in winter 

photo by Shyn Darkly