Types of Leather Jackets – Know Everything About Designer Clothes for Women

Many famous fashion designers take leather jacket themes and bring you the most modern and hottest designs on the market. Classic colors, striking nails, buckles and rivets and a nice zipper make the jacket even more attractive and elegant. You can now get the best and affordable short sleeve jackets for women at Jostar Online.

The 15 Best Leather Jackets For Right Now

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The main styles that define the fashion of leather jackets this year are:-

1. Cropped Jackets – Cropped jackets are very modern in style. The hallmark of this short jacket is its three-quarter sleeve length. They look totally chic when worn with a contrast t-shirt and VOI jeans. 

If you're looking for a men's leather jacket that you can wear both day and night, it's best to choose a short jacket yourself. Cropped jacket variations also vary, for example, there is one collar with an angled cut, some are single-breasted, some are double-breasted, and some are the most elegant collars. 

2. Trench Coats – Coats are highly rated for their unique appearance and the variety of colors they offer. The color usually ranges from gray, red, yellow, blue, or pink. Some are even available in different animal designs such as leopards and zebras. If you are looking for a unique leather jacket that no one else would dare to wear, then the coat is for you.

3. Short sleeve jacket – The short sleeve jacket is the most elegant fashion statement available this year. They are very popular at all parties and teens because of their modern appeal. They are also available in various designs, eg. with a wide-wing belt, a sleeve with a flap, a round waist or a narrow weak belt with a buckle.