Top Uses for Air Compressors

Air compressor require oiling, little more attention is required which ensures a healthy and longer component life span.

Certain aspects of the maintenance of your compressor require a frequency slightly more than others. Some procedures need to be done every day or every use, while others require the attention only on the basis of a bi-annual or six months. If you are searching ‘compressed air accessories’ (which is also called ‘trykkluft tilbehr’ in the Norwegian language) then you can navigate various online sources.

The following describes the best practices and the time interval to properly maintain your air compressor.

Daily Maintenance – On a daily basis or at least with every use, to prevent rust and water damage is important to drain the moisture from this air compressor tank. To do this, you must first release the air pressure from the tank, open the drain valve and allow all moisture to completely drain.

Weekly Maintenance – Once a week, remove debris or other obstructions such as from the air intake vents. Wipe them down also ensure they are clean as a whistle and, if you use a compressor with a filter, get that whistling filter clean also (you'd be surprised how dirty it can) and replace it as needed. If you use your compressor is very rare, it is probably not necessary to do this every week, but do not do it after (about) every five uses.

Monthly Maintenance – Take some time each month to give your compressor good old-fashioned check-ups. Check the nooks and crannies pay special attention to the moving parts, hoses and ropes. Make sure the safety release valve opened completely, the pressure of air releases well and close properly without air leakage.