Tips To Help You Choose Healthy Bread

Diabetics and people trying to lose weight or cholesterol control should avoid any form of grain to the ground, and that includes bread. For everyone, the bread is a food quite satisfactory.

The bread was made for thousands of years in virtually all cultures, to wrap, sandwich, or accompany other foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When the ground-up beans were used shortly after grinding, there was no need to remove anything or add ingredients to keep them fresh. You can get healthy bread at

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Only in our recent history, we turned the bread into junk food by removing the germ and fiber grain. Even worse, some manufacturers of bread add partially hydrogenated fats in their breads to extend their lifespan.

The best way to ensure you get a bread that is made from whole grains, without removing anything, is to bake your bread made with flour you grind or to buy local bakers who grind their fresh flour daily (these are hard to find.) Few people will be able to do so. Here are my rules for choosing the best commercial bread:

Avoid bread that is made with partially hydrogenated oils. Read the ingredient list and if it contains partially hydrogenated words back on the shelf.

Get as whole-grain flour as possible. It's not easy to say, because the regulations allow bakers to use any words wheat, even if the parties were removed from the grain.