The Ever Increasing Problem of Graffiti

You see them everywhere, subway, tunnel tubes, public buildings, walls and even art exhibitions. You try to ignore it, but it's everywhere. Yes, it is graffiti!

The colors used by the artist is generally permanent and requires nothing less than the cleaning pressure. removal of graffiti is one of the main concerns of civil society today. Graffiti causes the public / private wealth extensive damage. If you are looking for total line marking or road marking, line marking then make an online search.

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The motive behind the offensive graffiti

Gang graffiti – As the name suggests, they are made by members of a local gang. Usually consists of names / nicknames of members, curse for a rival and a symbol or letter. This graffiti motif can be a display of power, publicity, glorify the dead etc.

Ideological – this kind of graffiti were made to express anger, hatred towards a particular ideology. This could have an aggressive attitude.

Spontaneous – spontaneous graffiti generally without any particular motive. This plant bored, angry or even damage.

Artistic – This type of graffiti made with the sole motive of artistic expression. complex thoughts expressed through graffiti. Recognition could be another motive.

Assess whether the graffiti is criminal depends on a number of questions. Do people find it offensive? How big is it? What is the content? Where is it? After answering these questions, we find it easier to ensure a means of punishment for offenders and how the removal of graffiti.

Graffiti prevention

* Security cameras

* Identify areas prone to graffiti and recognition of potential offenders

* Organization of neighborhood watch

Preventing offenders by inattention and constant cleaning and removal.

Removal of graffiti

Graffiti removal is a long and costly procedure. Pressure cleaning, the most recommended for graffiti removal is expensive. the machine must be either leased or purchased for a good price. Hiring a professional is also quite expensive. In many cases, the cleaning pressure may need to be combined with a sandblasting technique.