The current TGuard Aerothumb Treatment Kit to Stop Thumb Sucking

Good News! Break your child's finger sucking habit in less time with tguard aerothumb device. It's ergonomic contours for your child like a glove, making the treatment more comfortable for finger-sucking. 

Holes aerated in this device is to provide the cold airflow, which allows the device to be worn without any condensation construction concern upwardly.  If you have any kind of doubt with this device, you can check tguard aerothumb review before using it.

How does it work?

It works by breaking the suction that children are looking for when they suck their fingers. Most parents see results after only a week of tguard Areothumb usage, making it the most recommended way to break the habit. 

No pain, no discomfort, no bad-tasting chemicals can be found in this device. These soft, flexible devices also come with 30 colored bracelets that children like to choose! No nail polishes messier full of chemicals or fabric solutions that your child can remove; try a soft non-intrusive approach that parents, pediatricians, and dentists love to recommend: 

The AeroThumb is the most efficient of all products covering the thumb because it guarantees in hand and is difficult to remove. Aerothumb stops thumb sucking, oral fixation your child may still require management.