Team Building Increase Work Group Effectiveness

Team-building process presented in this article gives members of the working group a way to observe and evaluate habits and practices that hinder their effectiveness and develop and implement action plans that resolve ongoing issues.

Lack of clear roles and leadership: Obviously, duplication of effort results in sub-optimal levels of productivity. But when the initial interviews with members of work units showed confusion over roles, then issues may surface beyond the question of specific tasks.

They may raise questions about who is providing leadership for the group, who feel empowered to act, what resources are holding and what interpersonal and intergroup underlying the effectiveness of the group. You can opt for inter-team collaboration solution at

When this problem occurs, the model-building team uses group meetings to discuss and clarify the roles and responsibilities of the members – both prescribed and discretionary.

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Who are the "players" in the process of building a team?

On the surface, the "team" showed a group of individuals exchanged the same status. But in reality, most of the team has a supervisor or manager who is charged with the leadership and accountability of the performance of the group.

As a result, the team leader plays an important role and a bit different than the other members in an effort to build a successful team. Support from leaders is very important because if he did not recognize and accept the need to build a team, it is unlikely that other members of the work team will be very receptive to the idea.