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We are all still feeling the effects of the 2008 financial crisis. The pension crisis was in the spotlight of Congress. When President Bush stepped down, one of his most recent moves was to sign a bill called the Workers, Retirees and Employers Rehabilitation Act 2008. 

The bill contains provisions supporting employer pension plans, a reprieve for all old ages. 70 1/2 years or older who have not yet distributed the required 401,000 or IRA packages and support plans for multiple employers. It is now easier to get in touch with the best financial advisor via

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The move is a huge relief for retirees who haven't made any distribution yet. Initial sentences of up to 50% have been suspended. While this law provides some relief, it does not prevent companies from canceling retirement plans that were once offered to employees. 

Most employers have made changes to offer 401,000 plans instead of traditional retirement plans. Unfortunately, the financial crisis hit hard, affecting 401,000 plans and accounts, reducing the value of the plan's portfolio. 

The loss of these pension assets is very detrimental to many people. They have struggled with depreciation in their homes and lost their jobs and are now faced with a reduction in retirement accounts. 

The combination of the three creates a situation that is difficult to manage. Despite the huge losses, further assistance is still expected. There are ways to get your lost retirement savings back.