About Bone Health Maintenance and Osteoporosis

Bone is living tissue that constantly undergoes remodeling – old bone is replaced by new bone. Osteoporosis is the most common human bone disease and is characterized by low bone mass or bone mineral density (BMD) and the loss of bone tissue. 

Steoporosis develops when bone that is lost is not replaced by new bone. This results in a decreased bone mass and the increased risk for fractures. The many common causes of osteoporosis range from lack of physical stress (exercise) on the bones, malnutrition, low hormone levels (ie estrogens, androgens, IGF-1), and old age. Secondary causes may be due to glucocorticoid therapy, where cortisol-like compounds, usually given to control inflammation, increase the rate of bone loss. The Northstar Medical Center provides a best treatment to get relief from back pain.

Osteoporosis has been seen as a disease that is primarily concerned with older women due to a decrease in estrogen levels during postmenopausal years. The causes of estrogen increase osteoblastic activity (bone formation) and after menopause, estrogen is minimally removed from the ovary. 

However, due to the recognition of the triad athletes of women, osteoporosis, osteopenia, and stress fractures are now a concern for women who are much younger. It is also proven that the more men seem to develop osteoporosis too.