Is E-Liquid Good For You Or Not?

As vapers, we spend a lot of money on vape juice. It’s only natural that we desire the best-tasting e-liquids that money can buy and wanna make sure that our e-juices contain the very best ingredients. Therefore, being a vape enthusiast means spending a decent amount of cash to maintain our hobby.

That being said, it’s only natural that we expect to be completely satisfied with Hawaii vape juice purchases.

However, many of us find that some of our e-liquids start to taste less than satisfying as we reach the end of the bottle. This is extremely disappointing, because we expect our vape juices to taste good until the last drop.

Why Some Vape Juices Taste Worse as You Reach the End of the Bottle?

We’ll be examining this phenomenon in-depth so that you can make sure that it doesn’t happen to you again.


One reason why e-liquids will taste less than stellar when you reach the end of the bottle is because of separation. Different ingredients have different density levels, which means that some rise to the top and others sink to the bottom.

In most cases, a simple shake of the bottle will help everything mix together properly. However, vape juices made with low-quality ingredients may never mix together evenly because of poor manufacturing processes, as well as low-quality ingredients that don’t ever really homogenize.


Another factor is oxidization. This is a natural process that occurs as small amounts of oxygen enter the bottle of vape juice. Over time, this process reduces the impact of the flavor as flavor molecules evaporate.

Now, a fresh bottle of e-liquid won’t over-oxidize for a long time. But, some companies allow their vape juices to stay on their shelves for months and months, meaning that by the time it makes its way to your house, it’s already well on its way to over-oxidizing.