Go Karting Tips – Getting Off to a Good Start

Starting a karting race the right way is vital. Sometimes all the overtaking in the world won't be enough to make up for a terrible start. A good first lap can be the key to a podium, so here are some tips to make this happen.


First of all, you must adopt a positive frame of mind. Starting a race can be stressful for new riders who may not know what to expect, but also for experienced riders who understand the importance of quick escape. Getting your adrenaline rush can help you make decisions that can make the difference between a good start and getting stuck in the middle of the field. To know more about indoor go-karts in Frisco you may visit  kartland.com/.

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Imagine how your first lap could unfold is a useful tactic. Your position on the starting grid will likely be determined by the qualifying times taken on practice laps before the main race. This will give you an indication of the challenge you will face. If you're stuck near the back, you may want to make a plan to get to midfield at the end of the first lap, while if you're starting first, you'll want to safely hold this position without taking any risks.


It may sound like a cliche, but practice makes perfect. If you have spent a lot of time training, you will notice a noticeable improvement in your average lap times. However, replicating the conditions of a real race in practice is quite difficult. One solution to this is to invite some friends over to your local indoor race track and have a series of short races to get used to the kind of quick decisions you need to make when the green lights blink.