Easy Steps For Lowering Your Fortnite Ping

A good ping is really important for Fortnite. Otherwise, you will experience a lot of lag while playing the game. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to lower your ping when playing Fortnite online. You can use a site like Fortnite Ping Test to find out whether it is necessary to reduce your ping or whether it is already at a good level. If your ping is shown in red color then your ping is not that good.  But don’t worry because you can take a number of measures to improve it. Now let’s see how to do that.

First, let’s understand what ping is. Ping or Latency is the time that your device takes to respond to a request from another device. When you are playing Fortnite, try to use a LAN connection as much as possible. A gaming PC should always be connected to the router via a LAN cable. The same goes for game consoles like X-Box or PS4. This is because, when compared to a WiFi connection, a LAN connection is more stable. If you don’t have a LAN connection, then you can bring your device close to the WiFi router. This will strengthen your WiFi coverage and you will see some minor improvement after doing this. We would also advise against using tethering via mobile devices. Because tethering or using an LTE internet connection is basically not designed for the extremely low latency times that are required for gaming. If you are using WiFi or LTE, you can purchase a router that has multiple antennas. This will reduce your ping to some extent.

In addition to this, you can also close all of your programs and force close all of your background activities before you start playing Fortnite. Also, be sure to pause all of your automatic updates. In brief, you should close anything that affects your internet bandwidth. These include music streaming services such as Spotify or services such as Netflix, Twitch or Prime Video. Sometimes restarting the router also helps in reducing ping. You will see some significant improvements after this fix. If all of the measures described above do not work, don’t worry because there is still hope. But from this point on, it’s beyond your control. The connection quality that your ISP provides has the greatest influence on your ping. Therefore, you may have to contact your ISP about this because they are the ones that are capable of fixing technical issues.