The Different Fire Suppression Systems

One of the most effective ways to deal with a fire incident is to have a Fire Suppression System installed within your building.

These systems basically comprise both fire detection and fire protection instruments which help in dealing with both the before-and-after effects of a fire. You can also get the best services of fire suppression system installation by clicking at

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There are various types of suppression systems available and you can choose any one or a combination of multiple systems to keep your business and employees safe in times of fire. These systems include:

1. Fire Alarms:

It is an extremely reliable instrument that raises an alarm in case of a fire. They even use state-of-the-art technology to detect fires. As soon as a fire is detected by the built-in (or in some cases, a separate) fire detector, an alarm goes off as a warning to evacuate the building.

2. Gaseous Suppression Systems:

Consist of a wide variety of tools to suppress a fire. The two broad categories are Chemical suppression systems and Inert Gas suppression systems.

3. Water Sprinkler Systems:

Also known as Water Mist systems, they can be used where gas suppression systems aren't appropriate. They are two types of Water Mist Systems i.e. high-pressure water mist systems and low-pressure water mist systems.

These are the basics of an effective Fire Suppression System. Suppression systems are generally governed by the codes of the NFPA and can be used in most places following the regulations of the same.