How to Assess the Family Office Database?

Family office databases are hard to appreciate, so we wanted to write an article – to give you some guidance based on our knowledge.

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Family Office Services: At What Point Do You Need a Family Office?
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Here are things to look out for that will drastically change the value of the FO database:

  • How many unique FOs are included?
  • Are there still rich asset management companies that don’t explicitly offer FO?
  • When was the last time the database was activated?
  • Who usually buys these resources? Is this an investment bank, fund manager? Who was it built for?
  • No posts with contact names exist in the database?
  • What is the current replacement rate for customers who purchased the database?
  • Have you ever recovered from a previous customer?
  • Is the database available online, in Excel, or as a workbook? This can significantly change the value of the resource and make it much more difficult or easier to use
  • How many contacts are registered for each individual Fo?
  • Who is the organization or professional behind the resource?
  • Does the database contain investment preferences?
  • What is the average AUM FO in your database?
  • Does your database get updates from time to time so we don’t have to buy your database resources every year or two?

If you follow these criteria, you should be able to evaluate the database faster or more precisely. Feel free to print, highlight or email this list above to help your team complete research in this area.