Various Forms of Dental Implants Available for You!

Artificial roots support each denture and are the most common of all recommended implant forms. Most people who choose implants are recommended for this form. The jawbone of most people can support this operation.

Depending on the jaw bone of the person the dentist chooses different types of implants. You can browse at Certified Dentist In Grande Prairie, Alberta, Dental Care Centre to know about different types of dental implants.

For those with very narrow jaw bones, there are different forms of dental implants, called plate-shaped implants. The narrow jaw bone will not allow the artificial root to be implanted easily into the bone, so that long and narrow plates are formed to fit the narrow space under the gums, along the jaw, and then a crown is then attached to this narrow plate after the gums have healed .

This will explain the reduced space along the jawbone, and still allow the denture to be permanently attached. For people with very narrow and small jaw bones who will not support any of the above forms of surgery, there is a third option that is appropriate for the patient.

In subperiosteal dental implant surgery, the patient is equipped with a specially made implant form which is above the jawbone. The patient will have a jawbone model that is scanned by several methods, and then a form will be made based on these measurements, which will be placed above the jawbone. This shape will then become the seat of the denture that will be attached.