Why Get Color-changing RGBW LED Strip?

Imagine you turn on an RGBW LED strip that changes color while you party with friends. It's a party they'll remember. You don't have to queue for hours to enter an exclusive nightclub because your house is going to be the new exclusive nightclub around the block so you'll have to start renting floors to keep people from getting in.

Imagine using an RGBW LED strip that changes color on a national holiday. You can bring the magic Christmas spirit into your home without worrying about the high energy bills that you usually pay for with classic Christmas lights. Not to mention, you don't have to spend hours looking for a dead light bulb blocking the entire installation from working.

RGBW LED strips: always the right colour for your project!

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RGBW stands for red, green, blue and white, the basic colors, whose combinations produce a giant color spectrum. You might think the term RGBW sounds familiar, and that's because the same technique is used on your TV screen or computer screen. 

The LED screen that you use every day while you work on your computer, watch your favorite TV shows, or even play Angry Birds on your smartphone, uses the same RGBW technology to display flawless HD photos. It is very easy to use the LED strip to change the color as each device comes with its own controller which allows you to program the colored lights however you want.

The color produced by each LED is controlled by a signal sent to the inner LED via four signal cables, red, green, blue and white. If you are planning to host a mega light show to your home, it is advisable to use an LED amplifier to amplify the signal from the LED strip and achieve the desired brightness and effect.