What Is The Importance Of Patch Panels In Networking?

A patch panel is a gadget that contains a junction port located in a cabinet in the central telecommunications room where data is received and sent to the destination by Local Area Network users.

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Electricity is received from outside in the junction panel, from which two branches originate to reach each area of the building. When one part of the building has a problem, the maintenance crew does not have to turn off the electricity for the entire location but they must disconnect only the current flowing to the affected area and do maintenance work easily.

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Likewise, over the years, the use of LAN connections has grown to a very large volume and each office and building must install such a central panel to smooth the transmission of data to and from each communicative port of the place.

The patch panel is thus a central hub where communication cables from outside are received and are transmitted to various ports located across the building through horizontal cabling. Thus the patch panel is a central nervous system of communication that connects all nerve transmission of data to and from one important place.

The idea is to eliminate unnecessary cables from one port to another LAN port and to send data out of each. The most important thing is to become an administrative point to move, add, and change jobs from one central location, namely the telecommunications room.