CNC Software- General Information

NC system software is what any CNC machine uses to create the operations within the machine. Generally, it is considered to be the "intelligence" that governs the type of operating performance or the overall capacities of the machine. The software will be how the machine designs, cuts and operates the work that the operator programs into the computer.

CNC machining also uses electronic memory modules where information is automatically stored inside the CNC machine. In some cases, this information cannot be changed and in others, through the use of temporary memory, it can be changed.

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Generally speaking, the computer is very important to the process of the CNC software because the computer numerical controls are usually outside the machine on a small or large keyboard. The computer is offline when it is performing the programming of parts and the computer controls the other parts that are necessary to create the product, depending on the type of CNC in use.

There are basic software types that CNC uses:

Manual G Code Programming

Many of the larger commercial machines use and it is used for simple mechanical processes. The drawbacks of this type are that it takes a long time for someone to learn how to program G Codes and if you want to use more complicated machines, it is time-consuming to learn how to use it. Because of these issues, many operators would rather not learn how to do this and

Offline CAM Programming

This type of programming can be done using a local PC and generally is available for larger machines as well as some of the smaller desktop CNC machines. This software can't be used without a PC at the front end aspects of the machine. This software is also difficult to learn and takes a long time to completely understand for many people.