Find Out Which Red Sea Salt Mix Is Right For Your Tank

Selecting the correct salt for your aquarium and knowing the right type of saltwater treatment are keys to a successful home aquarium. The Red Sea has developed a recipe guide for salt mixtures to simplify this decision-making process.

The Red Sea offers two mixtures of salt, red sea marine salt, and rock salt. Both blends are premium reef blends.

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Red Sea salt, as you can imagine, comes from the Red Sea and contains all trace elements of living coral. It is also enriched with essential elements such as magnesium and calcium, ideal for your aquarium reef environment.

Is it possible to have bright colors and extraordinary growth and alkalinity 8 or 12 dKH? Then what about blending? How can you ensure the perfect mix?

Which salt is best suited for your aquarium? Check out this video which takes a closer look at the salt mix in the Red Sea and the various elements needed to create a reef reservoir. It's full of exciting facts and will help you get the best out of your mix.

Choosing salt is only the first step. You will then need to learn how to mix the salt and when to change the water. Did you know that when mixing new brine, the temperature of your RO water cannot be higher than 20 ° C?

Take the bucket and attach the powerhead to the side of the bucket to stir the water. Once the water is moving, you should always add the salt directly to the water, not the other way around. Mix the water as long as the water changes from cloud to clear and the mixing time does not exceed 2 hours.