Requirements for Obtaining an EB5 Investor Visa

The America’s government established the Immigrant Investor Program and EB5 investor visa so as to help wealthy immigrants that want to enter into the country to obtain an EB5 green card.

They'll have to invest a million dollars into an American company that's either existing or new and also help to create at least ten full time jobs which have to be kept for a period of two decades. You can get EB5 USA visa at

On the other hand, the sum can be half down to 500,000 bucks – if the field of investment is one having a high unemployment rate. There are lots of prerequisites for this program and it may be complicated, but it is still one of the very well-known schemes ever made by the US government.

There are just a few mandatory requirements so as to meet the requirements for entrance to the USA of America after investing in this system. At least 500,000 bucks for high risk areas and one million to other regions should be spent.

This has to be invested into a business within the USA of America so as to make job opportunities. Additionally investors might need to illustrate they are bringing great benefit to the US market. The employment that's created has to be preserved for a couple of decades and the tasks created should be in life.