Reasons Why One May Need Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps patients recover from debilitating physical conditions that can interfere with their body's normal functioning. Many techniques and devices are used by physical therapists to help their clients recover from poor health status.

This is done by relieving pain in the affected area, increasing mobility range, correcting posture and increasing muscle activity. The following are situations that might require therapy:

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Injuries Caused by Sports Activities: Sports activities and exercises are highly recommended by medical professionals because they help to maintain a healthy body. However, a person can experience injury during the activity.

Cases of Chronic Disease: Diseases such as osteoarthritis and inflammation of the joints affect the joints. Osteoarthritis is caused by wear of the cartilage of the joint that covers the tip of the bone. Arthritis on the other hand results from joint inflammation.

Surgery: Some operations involving muscles and bones can cause pain and joint immobility. Conditioning and muscle strengthening are therefore important aspects of therapy. It can be done before or after surgery.

Intestinal Problems: Stomach pressure can cause intestinal problems. Pelvic muscles may need to be strengthened and enhanced using special physical therapy techniques.

Nervous System Rehabilitation: The nervous system is an important part of the body. This system can be affected by health problems such as strokes, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries in the event of an accident.

Fatigue and Pain: Conditions such as fibromyalgia and general fatigue due to overwork and lack of sleep or can cause inflammation of the soft tissues that cause persistent chronic pain.