Plumbing Inspections For Homebuyers In Perth

Water leakage can cause extensive damage to a home. Often undetected, a slow leak can turn into a mold that can be hazardous to the health of those that live there. Before homeowners purchase any property, a comprehensive home plumbing inspections should be done that covers everything from the foundation to roofing to electric systems, heating, and cooling systems, and specifically plumbing.

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The plumbing portion of a home inspection should include the following:

Supply, waste, and vent piping: When toilets are flushed, waste is sent to sewage systems through pipes in the walls and underground. A leak here could cause unhealthy waste to seep into walls or collect in pools in basements or under the home.

Functional flow of water supply and functional drainage at fixtures: After turning on a tap, water needs to flow out. Blockage in the flow can cause water to back up. A home inspector should make sure all drainage is functional.

Gas piping and connectors: Water pipes aren't the only concern for new or current homeowners. Gas leaks can cause death quickly. Gas leaks often go undetected or ignored. If you think you smell gas, shut off the gas valve and get out of the home. Be sure to take children and pets. Call a professional who can determine if there is a leak. Before you purchase a home, make sure there are no gas leaks.

Once a thorough inspection is done, homebuyers can safely move in. As always, be sure to hire a licensed professional, check references, and speak to past clients. View their online reviews and ask questions.