Know About Truvada Lawsuits

Ads encouraging them to join a class action lawsuit against Gilead, a producer of HIV medications such as Truvada and Genvoya, are becoming increasingly common. If you or any of your family members is suffering from side effects of Truvada then you can file Truvada lawsuits or visit

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Advertising does not have anything new to say about the safety of medicines containing tenofovir as Truvada. Anyone who began a Truvada treatment has been warned for a long time that it might affect the function of the kidney or bone density.

But they will also say that if you have suffered any of the adverse side effects, Gilead, the manufacturer of this medication, may be responsible.

Advertising often strikes an odd balance. On the one hand, they assure you that you can have a hand in ensuring a pharmaceutical company gets legal retaliation. But, for those who might see an ad and not the drug, the ad can potentially cause concern that they, too, in May the daily experience dangerous side effects.

– TDF vs. TAF

Some people claim that Gilead has delayed the TAF's development to keep the patent on the drug that contains TDF as Truvada. This would require TDF and TAF to have different patents and make as long as possible any last.

Gilead could present as a new TAF drug rather than a new formulation of TDF, which would have extended the life of the original patent.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the lawsuit says Gilead has deliberately put the patients and bone kidneys may not develop earlier TAF.