Know About The History of Flags

Flags are a part of our lives every day. We respect it by standing for the national anthem and engaging our devotion. We show how we honor our country. 

We hang at half mast when an important member of our countries are no longer alive and therefore flags can represent feelings of mourning. You can also ‘purchase aluminium flagpole’ (Which is also called ‘ Kauf Aluminium Fahnenmast ’ in German) from various online sources.

When someone who serves matrices' country, the flag is hung above the coffin, representing our country at the most vulnerable times.

The history of the flags is long and probably dates back to before the evidence shows their existence. The first flags were actually posts that were carved in the end. 

These were called vexilloids which means "guide". They could have been made from wood or metal. In 3000 BC. AD in Iran the first metal flag was found. sculptures of Egyptian tombs and Greek coins show the two flags images.

There are more than 2000 years' fabric added to the flags which makes them more like what we are used to seeing today. Our current definition of a flag is a piece of material that is attached to a pole that represents or communicates something. 

When the knights who were covered in full body armor would fall in battle, the flag is the only way they can tell apart. 

White flags can be used to show that surrendering his side to the other and that the fighting would stop. Red flags are used to show that there is danger or to warn of something.