Know About Actos Lawsuit in L.A. State Court

When the U.S. first trial for the Actos lawsuit closed in April, Takeda Pharmaceuticals continues to deny allegations that long-term use of diabetes drugs can cause bladder cancer, Bloomberg reported.

On April 16, 2013, an Actos lawyer for producers highlighted the fact that the plaintiff carrying the case against Takeda was a diabetic smoker and ex, who in his defense might be the cause of his bladder cancer.

Recent studies have shown that patients using Actos can run a 22 percent risk increase in developing bladder cancer. If you are also suffering from any side effects of diabetes drugs and want to file a case against diabetes Pharmaceuticals Company then you can contact with various diabetes drug lawyers and appoint the best diabetes drug attorney for your case.

"The proof is not only clear, but this also is remarkable, that Mr. Cooper is in the highest risk group, and that bladder cancer has nothing to do with Actos," the lawyer said.

An Actos lawyer for the plaintiff denied this argument in the Los Angeles state court by stating that Takeda failed to warn the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the findings of an internal study conducted in 2004, which revealed the relationship between bladder cancer and drug.

To prevent billions of dollars in drug sales, lawyers said Takeda officials waited seven years to notify the public about this data.