Joint Repair Supplements For Horses

Joint supplements for horses could save the life of your horse, or at least make his life a lot more comfortable and pain-free. Before it comes to that, owners should try finding a supplement that may help to keep the horse comfortable and extend his life, and the quality of it.

Those horses that get enough quality hay and feed probably will not be lacking. It is important for you that you can take care of joint repair in horses. However, if a horse is showing symptoms of poor health, then it is time to consider adding some nutrients to their diet.

A horse should have clear and bright eyes. He or she should be a healthy weight, and not lethargic. If your equine is acting poorly, it may need warming or some other medical treatment instead of, or in addition to, feed additives.

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If the animal is showing signs of arthritis, then, of course, the owner wants to give it needed relief. Many experts recommend not giving the sufferer any pain reliever, since it may turn off nature's way of saying, "Don't do that".

In other words, your horse might not know he or she should not walk a lot on bad legs, because it no longer hurts to do so. Equine joint supplements should have nutrition that will aid the tissues in growing and healing, and not just mask the pain.

If you decide you need joint supplements for horses, they are often sold at veterinary offices and your vet may be able to recommend a good one.