Install Multi Classic Slate Tiles

If you prefer interesting color combinations and stunning patterns in natural mosaics, choose fairyland as the center of attraction of the Multi Classic Slate tiles.

All tiles are made from natural materials that are extracted from earth's resources such as ordinary clay and large marble to make metal tiles.

Those who prefer something more exotic will study an endless mixture of glass, stone, and metal that offers an incredible variety of finishes. More than what we can see on floors and walls are the feelings and emotions that the tile material and its color and shape evoke.

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Many would think simplicity worked best, even though it seems like the Multi Classic Slate isn't an easy one. What we have here are color combinations in square and rectangular mosaics. The contrast between yellows, browns, grays, and softest blacks is truly natural in a dream setting.

In addition, slate is an example of natural stone with all its goodness, taken from the bowels of the earth which have long been weathered. Slate is durable and easy to care for and can be handled well even in rough conditions.

The beauty of nature must be seen as superior to all the falsehoods that often surround us. Start renovating your home or office.

Zone the walls and floor and decide what theme suits everyone. Choose from several slate tile models and play a little visualization game. The software supports the visualization process.