Identity Management for Security, Agility and BYOD Support

Recent technology advances in cloud computing that benefit costs, improving productivity with mobility companies, accelerate time-to-market. 

Security challenges in modern enterprise

Cloud SaaS-based solutions help large and small organizations reduce operating expenses and infrastructure for higher profits and greater business agility. However, the strategy comes at a cost. You can know more about password management through

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The datacenter was moved from strict vigilance IT security team, not only physically at times, but also in terms of ownership. Mobile devices entering the enterprise several years ago but this is a company belonging to the Blackberry mobile phone or the like.

IT security is controlled and supervised use of these devices. BYOD tendency, however, has shaken up the traditional mobile security administration.

Company workers have also become more demanding. They access their business applications on the device outside the office network, often access sensitive data. At the same time, end-users do not want to be slowed down by multiple layers of security that bog down their productivity.

More apps cloud, on-premise applications, and mobile applications mean more name password pair – for users to remember and IT administrators to manage in the backend. The administrative burden and complexity of implementing BYOD require a centralized identity management solution.