How To Maintain Parking Lot In Good Condition

Preventive maintenance of parking is an ideal solution to control the damage of the parking area and to protect the facility’s investment. It is also the most cost-effective solution to maximize the life of the pavement and minimize risk.

Maintenance of the parking lot starts as soon as the pavement shows the first signs of wear such as cracking and raveling. It is important to take the necessary steps to reduce the risk and the first one is to hire parking lot paving company.


The parking lot of a facility or a business promotes a positive image of the company. It also increases the curb appeal and protects your investment.

Some maintenance service parking area more common that companies maintaining commercial facilities provide are:

Asphalt seal coating helps protect from the harmful effects of weather as well as petroleum-based products such as gasoline and oil. Commercial grade of coal-tar emulsion sealer, which meets and exceeds the specifications RP-355e, is the good idea.

Parking striping allows the facility to direct traffic safely and efficiently. Using latex paint striping will ensure a professional look at where the sealer does not bleed through.

Asphalt repair is needed from time to time as the newly applied asphalt surface began to wear and break down as they are repeatedly exposed to the elements such as water, sunlight and chemicals.

Asphalt Overlay popular approach for pavement preservation because of their capability to deliver improved ride quality, maintaining the geometric surface, reducing noise levels, reduce stress pavement, reducing the costa life cycle and provide long-lasting service.