How to Do Body Measurement for Weight Loss?

Where to Measure body fitness? Here, I will list where to measure the weight of every part of your body.

Neck: Put the tape on the back of your neck at the base, and pull around to the front of your throat at a downward angle slightly.

Chest: As opposed to the bust measurement, chest measurement should be taken just under the breasts in males and females. If you want to learn more details about how to take correct body measurements for fitness then you can have a peek here.

Waist: I consider the waist to about half an inch above the tummy button. Some would consider the stomach, and the waist is directly below the sternum. Just remember that no matter where you choose to measure it, you have to take it in the same place next time. 

The Upper Arm/Biceps: Choose at the biggest point of your body. An easy way to determine this is to tape snug around where you expect to be the biggest point, then, holding the tape tight enough, to shift up and down your arms. As long as you do not loosen the tight point will be the biggest and you can take your measurements there.

Sleeve: Measure from the widest point.

Wrist: Taken just below the palm of your hand.

Hips: Taken at the widest point of your hips or buttocks. If you are more focused on the area of your ass, just shift it to the point of recording the largest from under you. Otherwise, only the widest point of your hips is fine.

Thighs: Again, at the largest point. You can refer back to the upper arm above to see how to determine that point.

Calf: Again, the widest point. Do we see a trend here?

In addition to measuring no more loose clothing, or even keep the measuring tape, the most important thing is to measure the same place each location every time you measure.