How To Choose Stone Background For Your Living Area

Stone Background

Turn your dining room into stylish wallpapered walls. Learn how to choose the suitable wallpaper for your home. Wallpapering your walls have become quite popular with new-age, intelligent homeowners. As Stone background lovers, you will love it in every house room. And also, you will learn the whole concept of a socializing and sideshow.

So if you are new to the world of wallpaper, you will have a million questions on how to select the suitable wallpaper for your dining room. Whether a fancy mural, an abstract print, or delicate floral patterned wallpaper, you will find the perfect one for your space with our tips below.

Pick the right color.

The right color can set the vibe in any room. A happy vibe is always the need of hour in a dining room because that’s where you show your bond and love towards your friends and family. Also, colors can change the dimensions of a room. If you live in a small-sized studio or your dining room is small, choose a patterned wallpaper in cool color tones like blue, violet, or green.

It will automatically make your room appear bigger and ceilings a bit higher. Soft cool colors bring serene vibes, while intense cool colors add drama and freshness to a room. Warm colors like yellows, orange and red, live up to their name and make your room feel more sociable. If you live in colder climates or your dining room is a north-facing room, opt for these colors. The more intense the color, the more drama it adds to any room.

Consider the lighting

If your dining room is dark or is windowless, choose a wallpaper that will reflect light in the room. In such cases, you can opt for light-colored patterned wallpapers. Look for sleek patterns as these wallpapers catch maximum light. Dark colors will absorb light in the room, eventually making your room appear smaller. Therefore, consider all the sources of light in your dining room and pick your wallpaper accordingly.

Pick the right style.

You must pick a wallpaper that blends with the overall aesthetics of your dining room. Choose wallpaper with large p[atterns and dramatic colors to add a formal look. Choose wallpaper with small patterns like polka dots for a casual, fun style.

Hide blemishes with textured wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper with original textures can help you hide flaws on your dining room wall. Patterns with unique surfaces are string cloth, foil, fabric, and vinyl. Other wallpapers reflect the looks of materials like marble and wood.

Mix and match, but wisely

Mixing two wallpapers patterns in a single room is becoming a trend. Remember that a dining room with various patterns and prints can lead to anxiety. While combining florals, stripes, or checks in your dining room or between connecting rooms, choose designs that echo the same color tone or shades to make the combination graceful and elegant.

Now that you know how to select the suitable wallpaper for your dining room, you must also know how to discover the number of wallpaper rolls you will need. Follow these steps.

1. Measure the walls you are planning to cover with wallpaper and then multiply the height with the width of your wall in feet

2. Enumerate all wall dimensions to arrive at total square footage

3. Deduct all windows and doors

4. Check the roll according to the amount of square foot coverage, as it will provide and ensure is it higher than the total wall square footage

5. Purchase an additional roll to ensure you have plenty. For these, it’s good to have an extra roll of wallpaper.