How to Buy a Raised Access Floor

A wood-core raised floor is a better choice if you are looking for a more comfortable floor. Wood core flooring is less abrasion-resistant than China laminate flooring. Strong wearing PVC and antistatic HPL tiles should be applied to protect the surface. You can choose from HPL, PVC, or carpet-covered options to give your cement infill panel a more appealing look. Perforated materials are best for ventilation. OA is best if you have a lot of wires or cables that need to be run across the floor. Choose a wood core type if water resistance is an important consideration.

Set the maximum weight for the largest device in your computer room to avoid damaging raised access floors. These requirements will help you ensure the floor you select meets all requirements. Good Raised access floors are resistant to abrasion and resist moisture. They can also repel slip and are easy to clean. The pedestal can be adjusted to suit your needs. Check the dimensions to ensure the panel conforms to the specifications. Galvanization may be required. Make sure to inspect the pedestals.

Determine the area of your room and calculate the amount of raised access flooring required.