How to Build a Messenger Bot on MySpace

The first thing you will need to do is to create your Google Account, this is an account that is set up to automatically send emails from your account to a selected group of people. This is the account I use for promoting my website or services on MySpace. I will then create a MySpace Page and attach this page to my Google Account. Once your MySpace account is set up then the next step is to start adding HTML code that will control the functionality of your bot.

In order to build a Facebook Chatbot you will need to have the following: A Google account, a web page where you want your bot to live, a MySpace account and some HTML code to control the bot. So how do you go about building your own Messenger Bot? It's quite simple really.

Now the most important aspect of building a Messenger Bot is to begin to build a database of people that you want to target by using the Messenger bot API. You will want to create a folder in your Google Drive called 'Messenger'. In this folder create a new file with the text 'Message.aspx' and save it into the folder.

This should be a blank file as you don't want a builder's area to appear in your MySpace interface. You will need to add a 'bot' button to the home page of your page, making sure that it is set up to allow users to post comments on your page. Once this is done you will need to enter your username and password into the link that is displayed at the bottom of the page.

As, well as this you need to add a 'help' link to the bottom of your page, this will allow users to click on it to view a help section. You can add HTML code to the end of the page to display a 'You Are Here' link which will allow users to see your webpage. To do this simply to make sure that the last element is set up to be 'Hidden'. The 'hidden' tag will hide the last visible element until the user hovers over it.

The main functionality of your bot should be set up so that users can 'Like' it or 'Favorite' it. To do this you need to do two things:

First you need to create a new HTML code with the word 'Favorite' on it. You will then need to enter the code into the "hidden" tag on the body of your page.

Next you need to add a 'Like' tag to the homepage of your page. Again, add this tag into the 'Hidden' section of your page.

Then you need to add HTML code that will allow users to input their name into the 'Name' input box and to put that input into the 'Email' input box.

This can all be completed through a Facebook Messenger Bot API. Basically you need to include the code that Facebook has set up into the code they have created to support the Messenger Bot API.

For those who are not aware of the Facebook Messenger Bot API, it is a set of codes that allow Facebook users to interact with Messenger Bots, allowing users to add commands and information to the Bots which can then be sent to other users. The Facebook Messenger Bot API works both ways too, as with the API any site that accepts information from users can also receive information from users.

With this in mind you will know how to easily build your own Messenger Bot, you just need to follow the instructions provided by Facebook to build your bot and you will soon have your own bot up and running! Best of luck to you all.