Help Your Child Stop Thumb Sucking With the Guidance of a Dentist

Every parent answers the questions in the office pediatrician about their child. Do they eat solid food? Are you giving them milk? Do you give the recommended supplements if they are breastfeeding? When it comes to going to the dentist in the early years of your child you might be afraid to question whether your child sucking their thumb?

We all know that it is normal and even expected to have a baby sucking needs. Some babies lose this requirement as early as six months old. Another baby continues to develop the habit. It is normal through toddlers and preschoolers year. You can get to know more about easy ways to stop thumb-sucking via searching online.

Your child may even have a hard time with the kids tease them. If this happens you need to let your child know you are on their side. It can help reinforce the need to stop to have a dentist in your child practice telling them why they should stop sucking her thumb. Most of these professionals have seen the children over the years who suffer from this habit.

Thumb sucking can be a difficult habit to break. It can be associated with emotions and your child may depend on it to help them fall asleep. If your child has a hard time you might bandage their thumbs more as a reminder. Have your child wear gloves to bed so that when they go to use it to remind their thumb.

Help your child by distracting them or offer them their favorite stuffed toy. You can even try the reward system. Explain to your child that when they have so many successful nights they can get a new toy or make a sticker chart. Make sure your child knows that you understand this is a process and will take time.