Healthy Breakfast Muesli Recipes

To choose muesli cereal for you and your family is the best breakfast for healthy living. It is a healthy breakfast that contains essential minerals and vitamins. Cereal is made up of fruits, oats, and nuts.

It provides energy used for all your daily activities and an excellent source of iron, thiamine, and dietary fiber. Fiber is used to reduce cholesterol levels and also used for healthy digestion.

Proteins are necessary for the maintenance of body tissues and vitamins are necessary for the biochemical processes of the body. Muesli is widely available in packaged form and it can also be made at home with fresh fruits, grains, and nuts. Best recipes available at

Fresh and organic ingredients contain high-quality vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and fruit sugars for energy; soluble fiber for lowering cholesterol, insoluble fiber for healthy digestion,  essential fatty acids, and complete protein.

Muesli recipe is good for all aged people. It is very easy to prepare and yet tasty. You can change this recipe for a million different ways to suit your taste.

This recipe can be modified into as many healthy ways by adding extra taste to it as per your choice like adding sliced almonds or pumpkin seeds, unsweetened coconut, and many more like this. It is an amazing choice for a healthy lifestyle organically.