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Many of the problems beginners’ face, from flight simulators to flying online, are the result of improper takeoffs on their virtual airline flights.

If you lower the runway and suddenly pull the plane into the air, then you are likely having trouble with the flight simulator and the problem will remain when you try to align your virtual airline flights.

First, learn to just sit back and relax: let your fingertips convey your instructions to the flight simulator and let the planes do the job.

If done correctly, taking off and climbing can be easily done in flight simulators. You can get patient simulator at

Soaring at a suitable speed in the flight simulator allows you to balance the height of the virtual airline destination without the roller coaster effect that makes online flight simulator flight dizzy instead of fun.

When you are ready to take the airlines into the air in virtual combat, first press the throttle lightly to start gliding. If directed to the runway correctly, provide full power (IBM PC F2).

The tachometer increases to at least about 2450 rpm. Monitor airspeed and lift your nose slightly at about 60 knots by gently pushing the stick back.

Just try two small elevator pieces in your flight simulator which are linked to the vertical slot display on the control panel.