ESD Flooring and Its Benefits

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), flooring protects electronics against damage from static electricity that accumulates while people walk. Conductive elements like carbon, graphite, or metal-coated particles are distributed throughout the flooring material. They give ESD floors electrical conductivity and create an electric pathway from the walking surface down to the ground. ESD floors can still be electrically conductive, but generate static (failure to prevent body voltage). The static-control floors also create a trackable path from the ground to the walking surface.

ESD flooring standards are built on a combination of ESD flooring and footwear. ESD floors can also prevent static charge generation, although not all ESD floors do. It is important to decide what type of footwear will be used in the space. There are many Features of Conductive PVC tiles, floors, Conductive rubber tiles.

The Benefits of ESD

ESD flooring is made from a mixture of materials, including carbon fibres. These fibers transfer the electrostatic charge from the person to the flooring. This reduces the possibility of static discharge from physical contact. There are many styles available, including rubber, vinyl, or carpet. ESD floors can improve the safety of your employees and your equipment’s quality. Our product offers customers an epoxy-free flooring option that is superior to other flooring.

StaticStop(TM), whether you need ESD carpet or any other static controlled flooring options. Our unique interlocking system makes it easier to install your floors than any other company.