Enjoy Seafood Any Time Of The Year

There is something enchanting about the luxury of taking a meal that is traditionally only for certain occasions, and cooking it just any old time you wish. Seafood, in particular, is nearly always treated as a delicacy to be saved for rare moments; holidays, fancy dates, and beach vacations.  

During the winter, easy seafood recipes are a great addition to your standard, rotating menu.  The richness of seafood, potatoes, and milk will stick to your bones on cold winter nights, keeping you cozy and comfortable until spring. You can also visit best restaurants near Circular Quay to get quality seafood.

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In the spring, nature reawakens and the farmers' markets fill up with fresh, tender produce.  Those recipes from winter might sound a bit heavy, so instead get creative with salads. On a bed of baby greens, chunks of rosy salmon will look as fresh and cheerful as a meadow full of flowers.

When the long days of summer arrive at last, fire up your grill and try your hand at cedar plank salmon.  Or instead try out some seafood soup recipes – an Asian noodle soup is a great, light dish on a warm, summer evening. There are so many easy seafood recipes out there that you will never find yourself bored.

Autumn announces its arrival with a brisk breeze and changing colors, and you should adjust your spicing and ingredients to match the season.  Try pairing seafood with fall vegetables.