Dog Care Tips – What We Can Do to Raise a Healthy Pet

Our pets are important members of our family and bring such joy and blessings into our lives. Bringing a dog into your home means that you agree to provide for its physical and emotional needs. They deserve as much care, affection and attention as any other family member.

Dog health problems – unfortunately, our pets are falling victim to many of the same ills as we are – heart disease, obesity, diabetes and for the same reasons – lack of exercise, poor diet and overeating. You can also look for the best animal charity organization in San Diego.

1. Maintain optimum weight – daily exercise burns calories to help with weight control. To check your buddy for excess weight you should be able to easily find the backbone underneath his coat. Your dog is under weight if you are able to see the ribcage. If you feel your dog has a weight problem that you have not been able to control successfully, see your vet for recommendations and an objective assessment.

2. Mental Health – fresh air, new activities, dog training, lots of love and attention, a variety of toys and stimulation will contribute to your dog's mental well being.

3. Supply a proper diet – natural and organic are all the buzz these day as more and more dog owners are becoming aware of good wholesome food for their pets. Whole food with appropriate amounts of fresh veggies, fruit and meat or fish for vitality will provide a longer healthier life for your dog. Read the labels to determine if the food is nutritionally adequate for your best friend.

Many commercially available dog foods will claim to be natural but contains rendered meat, animal byproducts and slaugherhouse scraps. This could mean animal heads, feet, brain, spinal tissue and internal organs. Look for pet food that does not contain animal byproducts, poultry, recycled or rendered meat, fat or sugar.

The first ingredient should be meat, fish or chicken. Beyond that look for grains, vegetables, fruit, probiotics and other nutritional food that aid in providing your dog with optimum health.