Different Types Of The Insurance Adjusters

The public adjuster has fiduciary tasks towards the clients. Simply put, this means that the independent staff and adjusters are paid by insurance companies. But Public adjusters are paid by clients. One works to keep the claim costs down while maintaining customer loyalty. You can consult an affordable Public adjuster with more benefits by clicking at:

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There are three categories of adjusters – companies, independent, and public. Their license requirements are usually the same. The difference is how they are paid. You will need one or more of them when you suffer insurance losses.

A company adjuster is a staff adjuster, working for your insurance company. He uses salaries and handles all types of claims in your area – both housing or commercial but usually not both. He has been with the company long enough to be licensed and trusted with company clients.

The second is an independent adjuster. He comes from the regulator bureau. These people are also nicknamed “Storm Chasers”. They will be sent to the area and will wear your insurance company hat when they are in the city. They usually pay a shear fee per claim. Their assignment is to finish as many claims as possible. They paid per claim, and they are usually very helpful and comprehensive. They have seen all kinds of claims and they travel frequently. 

The third category, and the most important adjusters for our needs here, are general adjusters. Most general adjusters work alone. They are usually bound, and they are held with high knowledge and ethical standards. There are several large general adjuster companies. They handle fewer claims than two other categories because of the nature of their work.