Different Types of Inground luminaire

We all know that night is darker than a day, which can have a dramatic impact on our ability to see when we are walking around the house, in the garden, or down a path. Artificial lighting is required for safety. LIGMAN has a variety of Design of In-Ground for Outdoor Lighting that can be installed in ground to brighten your home and make it safe and secure.

HARRIER: Flexible, complete, and competitive in-ground accent/floodlight. The leading in-ground fixture brand in the lighting industry. Housing is made from die-cast aluminum, which has been pre-treated and powder coated to provide high corrosion resistance. PMMA lens with high efficiency.

KIOS: Professional in-ground lighting solutions. Elegant and spacious; single, twin-lamp, and white with 7 beam types. Die-cast aluminum housing pretreated before powder coating for high corrosion resistance. High-efficiency PMMA lens. Clear or frosted toughened glasses 15mm. 

LIGHTALKHigh-quality, efficient linear fixture family. Multiple optics and accessories are available for the comprehensive in-ground range. Pre-treated aluminum housing and end caps made from die-cast aluminum. Powder coating is applied to protect against corrosion. Clear toughened 8mm thick glass is suitable for walk-over and can support a maximum weight of 500 kg.

MASK: Semi-recessed, in-ground, walk-and-drive marker lights. With multiple light-emission directions, these lights are tough and easy to maintain. High corrosion resistance is guaranteed by the die-cast aluminum frame and housing.

Discrete, minimal footprint in-ground accent lighting. White light, or dynamic RGBW options, Die-cast aluminum housing pretreated before powder coating for high corrosion resistance. 

PETRA: A resilient luminaire design houses precise optics and outstanding light quality. A future-proof tool for in-ground lighting designers. Cast in brass housing. Clear, toughened glass.