Creating A Memorable Plaque

When designing engraved badges for employee recognition awards, many managers and supervisors may feel challenged by the multitude of style and design options available to them. It's natural to worry that appreciation for your employee's recognition will quickly crumble if it isn't easy for the employee to remember or appreciate.

Since it's so important to make sure these award-winning badges are of the highest quality, let's take a look at some tips, tricks and ideas that will go a long way toward creating memorable employee awards. You can also hire a company that can help you out for the best engraved plaques for your company.

Company Logo – By adding your company logo to this engraved plaque, you can customize it for your company and the employees who will receive the award. However, avoid placing the logo in focus on this panel. The biggest element of a given badge is the name of the recipient.

CEO Signature – A great gem to add to engraved plaques is the signature of the CEO or owner. Putting this next to the employee's signature can make for a really attractive appearance.

Best of Best – Avoid any savings or cost savings when purchasing engraved plaques, especially when it comes to employee awards. This award is a sign of how much you value and value your employees. 

Mottos and Quotes – Add the company motto to placards for employee recognition. If your company doesn't have a clear motto, consider a memorable quote from a legendary entrepreneur or writer. Inspirational words make this award board even more memorable and valuable to the recipient.

Awards – Create a separate award for each new year. The engraved plaque for the 2009 Employee Recognition Award must be different from the engraved plaque from 2010. It is also a special treat for recurring winners.