Constructing With Bricks – Joint Types

Construction of any building is a tedious task which gives a sense of fulfillment to the constructor. And during construction with bricks, one needs to provide extra care as there are varieties of brick joints that you'll be able to use, with its own elaborated purpose.

Flush joints:

The mortar is cut flush to the bricks with a trowel and bricks that don't have a plane face will likely be tough to flush neatly. You can get services related to bricklaying & masonry in Frankston via online sources.

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Heavy material

The wall is gently sprayed with water and soiled with a jackboot bag where the mortar is placed. This can leave one or two mm of the mortar on the face of the wall and with a skinny application of mortar, swirls or different patterns may be achieved.

Rolled joints

A spherical bar is employed to press within the mortar. Some bricklayers use a brief length of hose for this type of joint however this will end in a rough end to the mortar and a steel tool can help in providing a plain end after that.


A mortar that oozes out of the joints is tooled flat. Otherwise, the brickie finishes all joints flush and goes over the whole job at the end to tool mortar over the flush joints. Some joints, like parge, take a substantial time to try to; therefore, the craftsman should be told this before evaluating the task.