Compressed Air Leaks Cost Has A Major Say In Production Cost

The entire world is going ga-ga about energy waste and spreading awareness about it and ways and methods that can be adopted to reduce such wastage. But it is astonishing to note that in such programs, though there has been mention about many types of wastages very few or no mention is made about the compressed air leakage and compressed air leaks cost involved in it. 

Very little is known about the cost of compressed air or the cost involving its leakage to the people and even to the companies that are using the compressed air. To get more information about air compressors, you can visit

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One should understand that the compressed air leaks cost accounts for a considerable percentage in the production cost. As it is a kind of hidden cost it is not mentioned and accounted for. But if proper analysis is to be done one can find that the increased cost of production and operation of a unit is directly affected by the compressed air leaks cost to a considerable extent. How?

Compressed air, unlike normal air, is costlier and hence its procurement and storage involve higher investment as the storage containers and the transporting structures need to be solid. Along with this come the structures like pipes, through which it reaches the end-users. 

Now that the investment in all these is high, they should be well maintained and optimized. If there is any weak point especially the valves, branch connectors, regulators, compressors, the compressed air would easily leak out through them. If a proper system is not in place, this leakage would continue. So there is considerable wastage of compressed air.